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January 15, 2009

Cell phones/smartphones – Radio killers?

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With only incremental progress into iTunes’ market share expected in the short term, many industry watchers think the emergence of an entirely new platform could open up the download market long before Amazon or Microsoft catches up.

Cellphones are expected to be the game-changing product with the power to rewrite the landscape.

“The iPod was an example of a groundbreaking product that caught everyone’s imagination; the iPhone is the second wave of that,” says Neil Smith, Rhapsody’s vice president of business management. He points to the already well-capitalized phone companies and carriers as a prime source of continuing innovation. (Rhapsody allied with Verizon last year.) “Despite the downturn in the economy, [cellphone makers and carriers] have robust businesses and are the delivery mechanism for a lot of this stuff.”

Mobile phones are a radio-killing app, making the Web’s entire panoply of music fully portable. While music players are great repositories for music you already own, they aren’t gateways to what you might want to discover. To learn about new artists, many now look to online entities where they once spun the radio dial.

With personalized streams, shared playlists and huge catalogs of music within arm’s reach, the mobile phone’s access to social networking sites, Internet radio and subscription services threatens to revolutionize the idea of “broadcasting.” Using cellphones as their portals, online music companies can specifically target the techno-savvy, tastemaking under-35 demographic that radio has left behind and offer programs tailored to personal tastes.

Phil Leigh, president of market research group Inside Digital Media, says record labels need to figure out a way to use the Internet to reach consumers, much as they once relied on radio: “The digital download industry is going to be only one component,” he says, “and this second component could be equal in size in five to seven years.”

The ability of music streaming sites such as Pandora or Rhapsody to make suggestions based on users’ listening history opens an entirely new avenue of artist exposure. Liberated from the home computer and available in cars via Bluetooth, streamed audio has the potential to boost artists’ profiles in the way MTV or radio once did. And with the one-button retailing most music sites offer, there’s no longer a separation between discovering and purchasing new songs.

But as the iPod (and, to a lesser extent, the PC) demonstrated, the platform is key in driving content.

Many believe that cellphones will soon eliminate the need for separate music players, citing the ease of syncing phones and computers and transferring tracks back and forth, along with phones’ general functionality, ever-increasing storage capacity and overall sophistication. Already, the market penetration for mobile phones far outstrips that of music players. “You’re still going to see millions of iPods sold,” Resnikoff says. “It’s a great item. It’s not going to go away. But the move is toward the iPhone and more diversified devices, more complicated systems—that’s where the battle really starts to heat up.”

Of course, the iPhone is currently the best multifunctional phone available. But Apple’s exclusivity in its partnerships with carriers—it deals with only one service provider per geographical region—locks out nearly three-quarters of the market, limiting it in a way the iPod never was. While there’s been talk that Apple will eventually open things up, the question remains whether it will be able to demand the same perks it got from AT&T (a heavily subsidized phone and, before June, a portion of the data fees).

Meanwhile, there’s an incentive for other carriers to field effective challengers, such as the BlackBerry Storm or T-Mobile’s Google-designed G1.

Eventually, cellphones’ ability to connect to the Internet could even render downloading obsolete. A new service offered by Lala.com streams every song (in its catalog) on your computer, wherever you have Internet access—car, work, even on vacation. You can add new songs to your online collection for 10 cents apiece, with the option to download the tracks for an additional 79 cents each.

“We may be talking about systems that don’t rely on discrete downloads to a particular PC or iPod,” Resnikoff says. “It may all be in a cloud, your collection of several thousand songs that you access from wherever, and you won’t really think about where it’s stored.”

December 31, 2008

What’s up with “The Freestyle Happy Hour”????

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Hey everyone,

Well, the 2 week trial came and went. Many people expressed an interest in supporting the show financially, but the funds have yet to come through. Without the financial support, the show can not go on the air on 91.9 FM in NYC.

So, as it looks now, there will be NO SHOW this week (Friday 1/2/09) on 91.9 FM in NYC.

HOWEVER, I WILL still be going on the air on www.LaRadioLive.com during that time to recap the best of 2008.

MOVES ARE BEING MADE so that FREESTYLE will return to the airwaves in NYC as soon as NEXT WEEK (1/9/09), so be on the lookout for more information as things begin to take shape.

Have a safe and fun New Year’s celebration everyone!!!

December 24, 2008

Personal donations for FREESTYLE HAPPY HOUR

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For those who were asking, please send me an e-mail to danski@clubland.us to find out how to make a personal donation to keep freestyle on FM radio.

December 23, 2008

Playlist and links, 12/23/08 FREESTYLE HAPPY HOUR 91.9 FM

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DJ Dan Ski

91.9 FM (WHUT-FM, NYC) & LaRadioLive.com

Playlist for Tuesday 12/23/08, 4pm – 6pm

Freestyle Happy Hour show

Jaidie – Answer My Cry
Monet – My Heart Gets All The Breaks
Willie Valentin – I’ve Been Waiting
Rebekka – Why Oh Why (2007 Phlexican remix) 

Amy Tori – Be With You
Eileen Flores – I Have Dreams
Rochelle – Praying for an Angel
Denine – Baby I Love You 

Sweet Sensation – Never Let You Go
& More – You’ll Never Find
Solid – Loving You
Roman – Insane 

Synthia Figueroa – I’m Torn
April – Right On Time
Thiago Derucio and Zoe – No One Else
Stephanie – Get Away 

Joe Zangie – Can You Feel The Love
Bethany – You Better Stop
Noel – Fire to Ice
Devan – Alone In The Night 
KC feat Sito – Sin Tu Amor

Upcoming party, Feb 28th @ Route 1 Cafe in Philly …

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Hey everyone,

I am planning a few parties in late February/early March

One event that I am starting to plan will be on February 28th at The Route 1 Cafe.

My birthday is March 1, so let’s go ahead and call this event my birthday party — or at least ONE of them, lol.

The theme is going to be “TAKIN’ IT BACK IN THE DAY”, so I want it to be an old school party … The music, dress code, etc will all be from back in the day … I haven’t rocked a track suit/sweat suit since like ’91,  so this is gonna be fun. lol.

Be on the lookout for the flyer (coming soon), and DJs/artists if you plan on coming through that night, please send me an e-mail so that we can talk about the night.  Send it to danski@clubland.us or pd@laradiolive.com

December 19, 2008

Sammy C show @ Route 1 Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)

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December 18, 2008

Playlist for 12/18/08

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DJ Dan Ski
91.9 FM & LaRadioLive.com
Playlist for Thursday 12/18/08, 4pm – 6pm
Freestyle Happy Hour show 

Pajama Party – Yo No Se
Stefanie Bennett – Don’t Let Me Go 2008
Zavier – Emotional Pain
Fascination – Remember 

Individually One – Your Lies Are Killing Me 

Andrea – I Have Someone
Cheree – Got Me Loving You
X Passion – Is It Real
India – Dancing on the Fire 

Vocal Image – All Alone
Laissez Faire – After the Lovin
Sequal – My Love For You
& More – You’ll Never Find Another Love 

Jessica Fabus – Obviously
Tony Moran – Lover
Julian Valente – Crying in the Dark
Maribel – Don’t Make Me Promises 

Jonelle – Fantasy (Rated R mix)
Stefanie Bennett – Swing My Way
Nyasia – Now and Forever (2004 remix)
Wendy – I Know (Dan Ski rework)
Shavonne – So Tell Me Tell Me
Lil Suzy – I Still Love You (Dan Ski vs Slammin Sam remix)

Want to sponsor the show? Keep FREESTYLE on the airwaves in NYC!!!

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OK, so here are the basic packages that I have set up for those interested in sponsoring the show, thus keeping FREESTYLE on the air in New York City.

Payments will be accepted via paypal. If you are interested in one of the packages below, please e-mail me at danski@clubland.us to let me know which package you are interested in.

From there, I will invoice you on paypal and once payment is confirmed, the ads/promotion will begin.

As of 12/18/08, the choices are:

1. Single commercial spot (30 seconds) = $30

2. Week-to-Week Sponsor (“Gold Sponsor”) = $60 per week

The Gold Sponsor package includes:

- Two 30 second commercial spots per show

- Three “Top of the Hour, This show is sponsored by” mentions

- One “This Segment is sponsored by” mention

- One event/product endorsement promo (on-air)

- One blog/article listing per week

3. Season Sponsor (“Platinum Sponsor”), 12 weeks = $600 total price

The Platinum Sponsor package includes:

- Listing as a show sponsor on all printed and online promo materials

- Premium placement of commercials on-air (your ads will run before the other sponsorship levels ads during the commercial breaks)

- Two 30 second commercial spots per show

- Three “Top of the Hour, This show is sponsored by” mentions

- One “This Segment is sponsored by” mention

- One event/product endorsement promo (on-air) per show

- One blog/article listing per week

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