July 6, 2013

December 2, 2011


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November 21, 2011


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July 3, 2009

family fued

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I have nothing against Mr K7 in-fact i have nothing but love for him I’m doing this for the fans because they want  to see this happen , a hot little battle is something that we all need to spice things up a little , I’m not trying to down grade the name TKA just trying to let everyone know that K7 is not the only one who can put it down for the fans who go to watch freestyle shows , come on people voice your opinion  , after i wrote the challenge i’ve gotten allot of calls mostly positive for this to happen , i spoke to K today thats right he called me ! and said it was a good idea but wasn’t really interested in doing it i said we have to do it for the fans . to be continued !!!!!!!

July 2, 2009


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GETTING BACK IN FORM HOLLA !!!!!!!!bridge.jpg

This is for our fans !!!!!!!!!

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tka-knock-out.jpegHello my Freestyle people fans & Friends , I want to let you guys know what’s on mind , i recently went to a freestyle concert here in Miami with various artist including K7 , TKA/K7 ,  Kayel or whatever you want to call him , i never really like going to those shows for the following reasons especially when K7/TKA is performing , people , friends and fans look at me like i have 2 heads and ask me “why aren’t you up there” then i have to explain to them why I’m not up on stage doing my thing. Just to let you guys know that it’s not of my choosing just like I wasn’t my idea to leave the group in the first place but that’s a whole other story . There is allot  going on in my life that keeps me busy like my family my personal life and my Entertainment/management company ,  freestyle and freestyle shows does not pay my bills its something that i still like to do and performing is still in my blood  and given the chance will continue to do it with or without any other members of TKA and promoters and managers  who choose to pick sides  and player hate AngeL & Aby . I would like to thank  those promoters who did book Angel & Aby  Formerly of TKA in the past months and recently  you know we rocked it for you !!!!!!! Holla  !!! I especially would like to thank Latif of La’ Ent for  picking us up and pushing us threw to these promoters who didn’t believe in us , but the storm is coming !!!!!!Here it is controversy for your ass !!!!! , i want to issue  a Challenge to Mr K7/TKA  to go up against Angel & Aby Formerly of TKA in a battle of the SHOWS and let the fans Decide who they like once and for all ,  no more GOSSIP who’s fighting with who shit !! if you think you’re than man let’s do it , let’s make it happen !!!!!!  NY , FLA , CHI , TEX , CAL , where ever whenever , the ball is in your court . TKA KNOCK OUT , YOU BE THE REF  ??????? ?

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