April 19, 2010

Vote Angel OCG for The AM Mayhem

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Hi Everyone,

For those who didn’t know, four years ago my family and I relocated to Charlotte, NC. Though NYC will always be in our hearts, we thought a change was due, and to be honest, we couldn’t have picked a better City than Charlotte, North Carolina to make that change. 

 I continue to travel around the country, performing all of my Cover Girl hits during the weekends, but I recently stumbled upon an opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do during the weekdays, and that’s be a host on a major radio station.

96.1 The Beat Of Charlotte has an opening, and I must say, the competition out here is going to make it tough. You would think that my status as an artist might give me a bit of an advantage over the competition, but on the contrary, not being a native Charlottean is giving me a huge dis-advantage.

Due to the huge response, the station has decided to allow the public to choose the top five potential host, who will then go into the studio for a day.

I feel confident that once I am in the studio, I’ll be okay, but gathering the votes from the locals might be more of a challenge, so I am reaching outside of Charlotte and asking all of my fans, friends and family to please vote for me (entry #4) to get into the top five.

As always, I appreciate all the support you all have given me over the years, and whether I get the spot or not, thank so much. And if you can, please forward this to everyone you know.


Angel OCG

I’m entry #4

Angel OCG for The AM Mayhem in Charlotte, NC

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