July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson
        R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

Though I’ve never met Michael in person, his death effected me as if he was a close friend or family member. I still can’t believe it. I was taking a much needed nap, something I never do, when my phone rang and it was my sister Cindy. “Are you watching the news?” She asked. “Michael Jackson died!” Those words hit me like a bat to the chest as I turn on CNN and there it was. “I’ll call you back.” I told my sister, then sat at the edge of my bed in total disbelief.

I am no different than so many others in the music industry, because Michael was a tremendous influence to me too. I was about 4 or 5 years old when I first heard The Jackson Five. Mom bought me anything they put out, one of my favorite was the Christmas Album. How can you twist iconic songs, such as Christmas songs and pull them off better than the originals? At least that’s my opinion.

I use to love singing, it was what I wanted to do in life, and The Jackson Five songs were the first I ever memorized. There was one song in particular that stands out more than any of them…. Ben! Till this day, I can’t stand even the sight of rats, but Ben, the song about a Rat, was my very own personal theme.

Mom would have friends over and right before I went to bed, she would beg me to sing Ben for her company. I played like I didn’t really want to, but that was just a front to make everyone beg. “Okay!” I would say, and Mom would put the 45 (record) on the ”Record Player” thats what it was called back then, and the music would begin. I would sway side to side to the music, looking at each of Moms friends, a few smiled, a few seemed like they wanted me to hurry up so they could get back to their adult conversations, Mom smiled ear to ear, then I sang!

Till This day I am still not sure whether I sang it good or not, because even if I was terrible, my family would never say so, but Ben became a life long association to me growing up. From a young boy, to a teenager to a grown man with kids of my own, I still run a cross a family member here or there who would ask me.. “You still sing Ben?”

July 3, 2009


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Freestyle Music Park

Wait! Don’t get too excited.
The park so far has nothing to do with Freestyle as we know it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change that. A couple of weeks ago I got an unexpected call from Mike Cherney, a reporter for The Sun News, a paper out of South Carolina.
My family and I currently reside in North Carolina, just minutes away from where this park was being built, yet I had never even heard of it.
At first I thought, this was just another one of my friends playing a joke on me, then realized that this was indeed a legitimate call. Thank God, because I was about to hang up!
Without any sort of preparation, I found myself speaking on behalf of the entire Freestyle community, a position I would’ve preferred to have taken, had I been a bit more prepared. Mike, did a great job and asked some really important questions, considering he knew nothing about our genre of music, I appreciated his interest as well as his effort to understand.
Once we were done, I couldn’t wait to get to my computer. I started by typing in Freestyle Music Park, and was blown away by the amount of press it had already generated. I spent the rest of the day doing research and speaking with people connected to the park. They too, had no clue as to what Freestyle Music was.

They interpreted it as a word used to describe ”All” genres of  music. A market way too generalized and unfocused in my opinion. I began thinking about the positive effect an attraction such as this might create, and all the artist, producers and of course fans that would really benefit from it, or at least enjoy it.
Then I thought about the time when I began putting together the 2008 Freestyle Music Awards. The negative attacks it got from so-called fans and supporters of the genre. But I couldn’t stay quiet, if this is meant to be, then we all need to get involved. Below is a link that will take you to the actual interview I did for The Sun News.

I am asking everyone and anyone who proclaims to be a supporter of Freestyle, to read the interview, then comment on it. Please register under your name and let the readers know where you are from. This can be an incredible break through people. Put your pride aside and let’s see if we can make some noise. Plans to build other Freestyle Music Parks around the world are already in effect…
Wow! Can you imagine?
I will be looking out for your comments and appreciate all the support.
On behalf of the entire Freestyle community… Thank you
Latif Mercado
La’ Entertainment
Check It Out!!! 

Remember, No comment leaves room for negative comment… 

TKA Knockout

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What’s up everybody. I woke up this morning thinking of freestyle which is weird cause that has not happened in years. i guess i feel this way is because something is missing for me in freestyle music. I know it’s not the fans cause they have supported me from the begining til now. I’ve been thinking about this and I realized maybe I have to go back to the begining. Maybe I have to finish where I started and that is on stage with K7. K7 is one of the best in this genre of music and I have nothing but respect for Mr. K7 but I feel I have to show I am just as good. We started this on a dream and it doesn’t have to end in a nightmare.

words by Angel……The storm is coming !!!!!!Here it is controversy for your ass !!!!! , i want to issue  a Challenge to Mr K7/TKA  to go up against Angel & Aby Formerly of TKA in a battle of the SHOWS and let the fans Decide who they like once and for all ,  no more GOSSIP who’s fighting with who shit !! if you think you’re than man let’s do it , let’s make it happen !!!!!!  NY , FLA , CHI , TEX , CAL , where ever whenever , the ball is in your court . TKA KNOCK OUT , YOU BE THE REF  ??????? ?

family fued

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I have nothing against Mr K7 in-fact i have nothing but love for him I’m doing this for the fans because they want  to see this happen , a hot little battle is something that we all need to spice things up a little , I’m not trying to down grade the name TKA just trying to let everyone know that K7 is not the only one who can put it down for the fans who go to watch freestyle shows , come on people voice your opinion  , after i wrote the challenge i’ve gotten allot of calls mostly positive for this to happen , i spoke to K today thats right he called me ! and said it was a good idea but wasn’t really interested in doing it i said we have to do it for the fans . to be continued !!!!!!!

July 2, 2009


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GETTING BACK IN FORM HOLLA !!!!!!!!bridge.jpg

This is for our fans !!!!!!!!!

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tka-knock-out.jpegHello my Freestyle people fans & Friends , I want to let you guys know what’s on mind , i recently went to a freestyle concert here in Miami with various artist including K7 , TKA/K7 ,  Kayel or whatever you want to call him , i never really like going to those shows for the following reasons especially when K7/TKA is performing , people , friends and fans look at me like i have 2 heads and ask me “why aren’t you up there” then i have to explain to them why I’m not up on stage doing my thing. Just to let you guys know that it’s not of my choosing just like I wasn’t my idea to leave the group in the first place but that’s a whole other story . There is allot  going on in my life that keeps me busy like my family my personal life and my Entertainment/management company ,  freestyle and freestyle shows does not pay my bills its something that i still like to do and performing is still in my blood  and given the chance will continue to do it with or without any other members of TKA and promoters and managers  who choose to pick sides  and player hate AngeL & Aby . I would like to thank  those promoters who did book Angel & Aby  Formerly of TKA in the past months and recently  you know we rocked it for you !!!!!!! Holla  !!! I especially would like to thank Latif of La’ Ent for  picking us up and pushing us threw to these promoters who didn’t believe in us , but the storm is coming !!!!!!Here it is controversy for your ass !!!!! , i want to issue  a Challenge to Mr K7/TKA  to go up against Angel & Aby Formerly of TKA in a battle of the SHOWS and let the fans Decide who they like once and for all ,  no more GOSSIP who’s fighting with who shit !! if you think you’re than man let’s do it , let’s make it happen !!!!!!  NY , FLA , CHI , TEX , CAL , where ever whenever , the ball is in your court . TKA KNOCK OUT , YOU BE THE REF  ??????? ?

July 1, 2009

What’s on my mind today

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Hello everyone. This is my first time here. I want to share my thoughts, my feelings aswell as everything I am up to now a days.

First,with you a story I wrote.

What is the difference between yesterday, today, tomorrow. I lived yesterday and I am alive today. Don’t know about tomorrow. I was breathing yesterday and still breathing today. Will I breath tomorrow? Yesterday has passed. Today is here. Tomorrow has yet to come. Those who have eaten yesterday, I pray will eat today. With god by their side will also eat tomorrow. Those who had nothing yesterday I hope find something today and have it all tomorrow. We live in our concrete palaces without a care in the world. How about those that have no home? What becomes of them? When most of them are children.

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