June 23, 2008

Freestyle Fragrance

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Freestyle by La’

Who would’ve thought, that 20 years later, Freestyle would have its own cologne? Not me! Freestyle by La’ is just that, a unique fine fragrance created by me, Latif Mercado. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Was it difficult? Absolutely! Confusing? Hell yea. But somehow someway, I figured it out.  And now, 500 gallons and over $40k in the hole, I created the first Cologne ever dedicated to the Freestyle Community.

Now all you have to do is get yourself a bottle and become a part of Freestyle history.Freestyle by La’ debuted at the 2008 Freestyle Music Awards (also created by… me!). I’m sorry, I’m not trying to brag, just trying to make a point.  What point you might ask?  Just that no matter what they say, Freestyle isn’t dead. No, it’s here and actually growing.

In the last few years, Freestyle has made a remarkable resurgence and Freestyle club and concert events have been everywhere.  From Miami to Los Angeles, New York to Hawaii I must take my hat off to all who have been a part of this incredible movement.

For those who attended the 2008 FMA’s, you probably got a bottle of Freestyle by La’. It was in the goody bags for all to take, free of charge. But the FMA’s are over till next year, but Freestyle by La’ is still here and hopefully its success will give us the opportunity to release a female version.Right now, I do need the support of the Freestyle community.

From the artist to the fans, DJs. producers, everyone. Not only should you all get a bottle for yourself, but help us move them into the market. I have created various business opportunities for the Entrepreneurs of Freestyle, so if you are interested in making some money and smell good doing it, then contact me, either email or phone.

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