March 11, 2008

Freestyle, Like A Child Adopted By Abusive Parents

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Latif Mercado
Latif Mercado Deep In Thought

Talk about a learning experience. I don’t think I have ever been as mentally exhausted as I am these days.  We are just about 2 weeks from the 2008 Freestyle Music Awards and we still have so much to do. All the presentations I’ve mentioned before have been secured and are currently working the creative parts now.
We had tons of support from some really great people, I just want to thank them so much for everything, especially for believing that we are going to pull this off. Along with the support, there is also the hate, wow, I never realized the serious issues some people have, it’s sad. The same people that are claiming to love and support this market, are at the helm of its destruction. I don’t get it, how can you claim to support Freestyle and try so desperately to bad mouth and sabotage the first ever Freestyle Music Awards? Of course to no avail. But just the thought that someone can be so bitter and angry about their own failures that they can’t stand to see anyone else succeed.
But those that attempt to go against me and my people are going to lose. Why? Our intentions are sincere, with our number one priority in mind being to conduct an event so spectacular that the masses will be forced to pay us some mind.
You see, God don’t like ugly, and he’s proved that to me many many times as I keep seeing the ugly one’s get kicked out my path.
What saddens me is when I see the weak fall for the deception put out by the enemy, and when I try and warn them, it’s too late, they’ve fallen for their trap and are engulfed by their hatred.
I’m a bit exhausted, but at the same time, the obstacles being thrown in front of me, kind of make me smile.  You see I’m an advent reader of Biographies, especially those of successful people. And the thing in common that those successful people share, are the obstacles that are thrown in front of them. It’s as though it is a necessary must in order to achieve a certain level of success.
From Martin to Malcolm, JFK to Jesus, all have experienced resistance, deceit and hatred from the same people they were trying to help. A hatred so strong that it finally resulted in their death.
Of course, the situation that we are in, is not even close to those, but the principle is exact.
The 2008 Freestyle Music Awards will happen. Same date, same place, same time. And negotiations to bring it back next year are already happening. A big shout out to all, who have been supporting us and helping us.  To my partners Ovidio Santiago and Lillian Bolden and a big shout out to my wife Angel, who is more a part of this event than anyone would ever expect. Her support and encouragement is unending, as she makes life’s as easy as possible for me so that I could stay focused. I keep nothing from her. She is the first to know when I am excited about something and the first to know when I am down. Either way, she’s there for me, to celebrate with me when things are going great, and to pick me up when things aren’t going exactly as planned.
I’ll see you guys at the 2008 FMA’s

March 8, 2008

Through My Eyes

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The Cover Girls 

I’m in a real unique position when it comes to the Freestyle Music Awards. It’s been a dream Latif has had for years, and knowning him, I knew it would just be a matter of time before he made it come true.  Being the supportive wife I am, while my mind is saying “here we go again”, My heart tells him, go head baby, I know you could do it! Having worked on a couple of successful events with  Lily Bolden and Ovidio Santiago,  Latif felt that they would be the perfect partners, and he was right. I saw the beginning stages where the DJ turned into a band which turned into a freakin Orchestra.  Where it went from being video taped to a full film crew out of Los Angeles. I saw a lightman turn into a Laser Light presentation.  Latif, Lily and Ovidio are getting about 2-3 hours of sleep each night because their making sure everything is on point for us so we can have a new beginning to freestyle music that we can be proud of. I personally see all the payments being made for this event.  It is no wonder why LILY BOLDEN is called the Fairy Godmother of freestyle, she believes in the artist and music even if they don’t. As always good overturns evil and this event is turning out to be the most important event Freestyle music has ever seen and it is being done with dignity, honor and respect. My hat goes off to all the Managers who called Latif and asked to have their artist perform, they’re obviously managers with a vision, artist, hold onto them. They have your best interest at heart! Those artist who are as excited as me I can’t wait to see you at the FMA’s all my love and blessings.

March 4, 2008

The Future of Freestyle

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Johnny OThink about our future, some would say its dead, never to return. Others would comment, love the memories but it hasn’t a chance, while others would say…I could only hope, my response is very different. Not too many people know the testimony why I returned back to a dead market that was being ridiculed and laughed at as a dieing horse on its deathbed with no one in site. My return was totally divine! I was given a directive, a vision of seeing the future through my dreams and words of people who I never met before, yet knew everything that I need to know about my future and the future of freestyle. My passion for people and the love of God motivate me and fuel me with compassion and exaltation of seeing my dream come alive. While others are hopeful, doubtful, skeptical and dogmatic about freestyle…I am filled with excitement of the turning pages in my life that will end with total victory in my dream. Wow, you might convey! I’m pretty confident about my self, but that is not the case. It is has if I have been created for such a time as this, protected, guided, taught, watched over, and encouraged to prepare for this coming time of ecstasy. I feel in my heart total joy, yes the challenges are going to be great and worth every effort my strength can muster. But in the end I will feel a sense of relief and accomplishment, because I didn’t run from my directive but rather toward my goal. The future of freestyle is very positive, positive indeed, because the anvil that has been struck by many hammers has crushed every hammer that has tried to dent and scratch the anvil. How many people have tried to lift and discard the anvil but to no avail. I still stand, not by my own power because I am nothing but rather by another, who is directing me and teaching how to proceed to the goal set before me. Freestyle’s future is very promising. This door is opening wider and wider day by day, and I see a day that I’ll be traveling and producing positive music and touring the world, not just in America, but the world. So the next time someone tells you about the failures about our music, remind them about me and where I am going. Because before this century is over my directive will be complete, but until then show them…we have only begun! The future of Freestyle…great!

The Future of Freestyle

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By johnny O

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