February 11, 2008

My Son Adam

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Latif and Adam
Latif and Adam

Tomorrow Feb 12th, my 17 years old son Adam is leaving home for a bit. Whereas many teenagers go to Collage or the Military, Adam decided to go to Job Corp. My son remind me a lot of me and my ways when I was his age. High School seemed like it was never going to end. I was always pretty smart in school, but clowned around a lot and hardly did homework.
When test time came around I would get mad at the teacher, saying that how is she going to test us on something she never taught us. Well, of course she taught us, I was just too busy goofing around to pay attention.
I always enjoyed reading, not novels or any of kind of fiction, but more so, non-fiction books like autobiographies, history and my favorite as far back as I could remember are success stories. I loved and still do, stories that told about someone who struggled, and succeeded. But anyway, back to Adam. For those who never met him, he is a great kid. Tall, good looking and a charmer I must say.

Girls have been calling the house for him since he was about nine. I wasn’t raised with my father, so I pretty much learned how to be a dad on the fly.  Adam’s birth mother wasn’t always around and Angel (OCG) raised him with me during the critical stages of his life (Teenage Years). When Adam was born, my priority was him. I use to take him to studios, trips, shows etc. I use to carry him around in one of those, what I call, baby backpacks. My friends use to laugh when I would show up to meetings with him strapped to me. We were like Siamese Twins.I tell people who are about to have babies, that once they do, their lives make this remarkable change, and that their priorities make a sharp turn. I hear stories of parents who abuse and kill their children, and I just can’t comprehend it. By the way, I never watch the news because of that, ask Angel.Adam started getting suspended from school, for  what I felt were careless reasons. Talking on his phone, texting oh, he even got suspended when he was caught reading a letter that his Girl Friend passed him in class. The teacher wasted no time in calling me and reading the letter to me over the phone, did I say X-Rated? The Dad in me wanted to say “That’s my boy!”, but the Father in me knew that it wasn’t cool.It got to a point where High School was basically becoming a waste of time for all of us. I received some info at one point that actually made it unclear as to what grade Adam was actually in. I could’ve sworn, it was 10th, but the info indicated that it was 9th.  Now he had gotten left back before and I knew about it, but this one must’ve slipped by.  Angel and I asked Adam one evening at the dinner table. “Son, what grade are you in?” He began with the infamous “Hu!”, then looked at us and said “Uh, 9th slash 10th grade!” Angel and I just looked at each other and said, what? As I mentioned before, Adams a charmer and some how, some way, he made sense of the whole thing, then walked into his room.I’ve always stressed to him the importance of an education. The role that collage plays nowadays. Back when I was growing up, collage wasn’t really that important. They use to use a term many of you probably remember, “Collage Material”. “I’m against that term, parents, please, never use that term with your kids, it’s a negative term and convinces them that ‘No” they are not collage material. I’ll tell you what, I hated High School and failed miserably.  But I was an A+ student in collage and a self-taught music business professional!Finally, Adam expressed his interest in leaving High School and going to Job Corp. I knew people who had went, but never asked about it so I knew nothing about it.  I went on-line and started researching. It began making sense to me and actually seeming like a really good idea. The kids their get free room and board, they learn various trades and even get their High School diplomas or GEDs. I sat with Adam and got into his mind, and saw that he was really serious. Deep down I think a big part of it is so he can feel as though he’s on his own. His curfew was always a subject matter. I could be strict. It’s probably because I remember all the crap I did when I was his age.But you see, Job Corp. seems very structured. I’m sure there are going to be idiots in there also, but hey, that’s life! I made the appointment for him to have an interview with the counselor. It was a two hour meeting and she made it very clear to us what it was about, and like any situation, it’s what “You” the individual takes from it.”After the meeting, I checked with Adam to make sure he was still interested and he said yes. He had to write an essay stating why ‘He” wants to go to Job Corp. They want to make sure that it is the kids that want to go, not the parents trying to get them out the house. They ran a background check on him which was spotless and gave him his date.Tuesday Feb 12th 2008 at 2pm. Angel and I will bring him to the Bus depot in Charlotte, where he will meet up with others going to the same place. We took him shopping and got him his wheeler suitcase. The program runs from 8 months to 2 years.  They get to come home on the weekends at our expense, and they send him home on Holidays at their expense… Pretty cool. It’s going to be hard for me, just as it is hard for me just to write this blog. But I am proud of him and I know his going to be very successful in life… Hey, he’s my son!Be safe Adam, I love you kid,  Daddy! 

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