December 28, 2007

The Voice Of Freestyle

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I read a great article about blogging in one of my subscribed business magazines and was right away drawn to it’s potential. I went on line, ordered a couple of books on blogging then checked out a bunch of blogsites.  I was impressed by it’s complicated simplicity… Those who blog regulary know exactly what I am talking about. When myspace first hit the scene, I thought is was an amazing idea and actually had an idea similiar many years back, but couldn’t find a program aside from a typical messageboard that would allow itself to grown pretty much unsupervised. I noticed the blog feature on myspace and thought it was great, even though I myself never used it, I read a handful of blogs and enjoyed them alot. But the problem that I saw with myspace, was that it was quickly becoming a fabricated advertising medium. As a booking agent, I tried contacting many long lost acts through myspace, just to find out that their page was being operated by a fan.  A few had the decency to tell me, a few I had to find out for myself that they weren’t authentic.  I specialize in Freestyle, and thought that it would be great to build a blogsite that targets the Freestyle market, a place where artist can vent and fans can absorb. I immediately called my Cyber Executive WebMaster Dave and told him that I wanted to build a blogsite, he said “A what”?  I explained it to him, and eventhough I still don’t think he is a hundred percent clear as to what a blogsite actually does, he built me one, and today I decided to put down the first post. Thanks WMDave! I will be on here as much as I can, and in time, everyone will know exactly what it is I do, how I do it, and the big question… Why? Why Freestyle?  Until next time… Freestyle 4 Life Baby!

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